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Bluhm's Musical Revelation: "Hello To Heaven" Sets the Stage for EP Release

"Hello To Heaven" and the Promise of "Evil Heart"

In a fusion of dream pop, alt-pop, and infectious synth beats, Bluhm dropped "Hello To Heaven" on March 1, 2024, offering a tantalizing taste of their sonic evolution. With Claire Bluhm's enchanting vocals riding high over John Marion's intricate instrumentals, the lead single paints a dreamscape that transcends genres.

Now, the anticipation rises for "Evil Heart," set to release in April 2024. Described as an upbeat, danceable, synth-fueled epic journey, it promises a darker palette with an infectious rhythm that will leave listeners moving to its beat.

These singles set the stage for Bluhm's upcoming EP, a sonic tapestry that weaves together diverse influences and genres. With each release, the duo invites audiences on an immersive musical adventure, building excitement for the genre-blending experience that awaits. Stay tuned as Bluhm continues to redefine boundaries and captivate ears with their unique sound.


Single Review

I'm Not Okay by Bluhm

Bluhm is an independent band comprised of multi-instrumentalist/producer, John Marion, and singer-songwriter, Claire Bluhm. The duo met in 2021 at a local open mic where they were both performing separately, and their musical connection later grew into a romantic relationship, which culminated in their marriage and the official formation of Bluhm the band in the fall of 2022. They write, record, produce, and self-release all of their music out of their home studio located in the suburbs of Detroit.  

Bluhm's captivating sound is marked by intricate guitar and synth arrangements, ethereal vocals, and dreamy melodies, drawing listeners into their unique world. The band is focused on writing songs that incorporate the entire emotional spectrum of relationships and all the good and bad that come with attempting to find love and connect with others. They explore the full range of human emotions and use their music as a tool to connect with listeners on a deep and meaningful level. Bluhm's profoundly personal and innovative music has garnered them a devoted following that only continues to grow as they share more of their art with the world. 

Bluhm draws inspiration from the Beatles, as well as a variety of other artists including modern artists such as Beach House, Sharon Van Etten, Mac Demarco, and Alex G. Their music is also influenced by bands in the shoegaze and dream-pop genres and they often receive comparisons to some of the most iconic bands in these genres, such as Slowdive, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, and Lush. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of their genre and creating music that is both innovative and deeply personal.  

Through their music, Bluhm also advocates for mental health awareness. Both John Marion and Claire Bluhm have spoken openly about their struggles with mental health issues, with John battling depression and anxiety and Claire dealing with depression and ADHD. John and Claire have both experienced the healing power of music firsthand, and their music explores the depths of human emotions, from joy and heartache to sex and connection. Their goal is to inspire others who may be struggling with mental health issues, reminding them that there is hope for healing and that music can be a powerful tool for coping and connection. 

John Marion’s love for music began at an early age, and he has been focused on music and improving his craft for most of his life. He grew up listening to an eclectic mix of artists including Cat Stevens, Elliot Smith, Pavement, but it was the music of John Lennon and the Beatles that influenced him more than anything else. The Beatle's innovative approach to music and their ability to connect with listeners on a deep level inspired John to pursue a career in music. He spent several years traveling and performing in a variety of venues, writing and producing music with several other projects, before finally meeting his musical and life partner, Claire. 

Claire, on the other hand, honed her songwriting skills while she was also professionally studying marriage and relationship therapy. She spent several years performing songs she wrote at local open mics before meeting John at an open mic in 2021. Upon meeting, the two were instantly fans of one another and knew they had to start working on a musical project together. Her unique vocal style is characterized by a dreamy quality that perfectly complements the band's lush, atmospheric soundscapes. She has been compared to artists like Dolores O'Riordan, Mazzy Star, and Victoria Legrand. 

Bluhm is a band that has captured the hearts of many fans with their romantic themes and heartfelt lyrics. Their latest single, "I Just Keep On Feeling Fine," is a perfect example of their ability to explore the complexities of love and heartbreak. Drawing inspiration from the dream-pop and shoegaze movements of the 80s and 90s, the single is an upbeat dreamy retro pop song about struggling to finally leave a relationship you know isn’t right for you and the words you have to tell yourself to keep from going backwards. It inspires self confidence and plays with the idea of answering “I’m fine” when people ask how you’re doing after a breakup.

Other tracks like "You Go First" showcase the soaring vocals of lead singer Claire, while "Honey I'm Afraid" and "Always Something There to Remind Me" heavily feature John’s understated guitar work and woozy synth arrangements. The band's ability to evoke vulnerability is what sets them apart and has endeared them to fans. 

Overall, Bluhm is a band that knows how to pull at the heartstrings and create music that resonates with their fans. If you're a fan of dream-pop, shoegaze, or simply enjoy heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, Bluhm should be on your radar.